I Wished for You Adoption Journal


A beautifully illustrated and comforting book about adoption, following Mama Bear and Barley Bear as they talk about the special and unique way their family was created, nurturing a sense of belonging and acceptance.

I Wished for You, by bestselling children's book author Marianne Richmond, invites young readers and their parents into an open-hearted conversation about the true meaning of family. It embraces the concept of chosen families and paints a sensitive, uplifting picture of adoption, helping children understand the power of love that connects adoptive parents and children.

This book serves as a valuable tool for families navigating the journey of adoption, providing reassurance and sparking discussions about familial love, diversity, and the different ways families are formed, and is the perfect adoption gift for parents and kids.

Key Features:

  • Heartwarming Story: Explores the bond between an adoptive mother and her child in a sensitive and engaging manner.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: Features captivating illustrations that add depth to the storyline.
  • Inclusive Message: Promotes acceptance and understanding of diverse family structures.
  • Useful Tool: Serves as a valuable resource for adoptive families to discuss adoption and familial love.

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