Sticker Wow! Refill Stickers- Unicorn

Refill the Melissa & Doug Sticker WOW! Cupcake the Unicorn sticker stamper with 300 unicorn and fantasy themed refill stickers, and stamp away, anywhere, anytime. Includes 1 sticker stack of 300 stickers to refill Sticker WOW! collectible sticker stamper, just drop into a sticker stamper cartridge and stamp away 100 unique fantasy-themed designs in every sticker stack, so each sticker thats stamped is a surprise. Sticker WOW! stickers are not reusable, but they are easy to remove if necessary, making Sticker WOW! a great mess free travel activity, crafting tool, fidget play gadget, and collectible toy all in one. Makes a great gift for girls and boys, ages 3 to 7, for hands on, screen free, fidget fun play.

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